The Beauty Report

Two tribes on the rise in beauty, cosmetics and personal care

Introducing Eco Seekers and Non-Binary Beauty

How cultural tribes help beauty brands grow

The Beauty Report explores two cultural tribes on the rise, with a growing influence on beauty, cosmetics, and personal care brands.

Underpinned by social engagement data from Codec's AI-driven audience intelligence platform, we reveal how beauty brands can tap in to tribe passions and interests and build more authentic connections with their audiences.

Get to know the Eco Seekers and Non-Binary Beauty tribes:

  • their personalities
  • the topics they care about
  • the influencers and brands that capture their imagination
  • the visuals they are drawn to.

This report gets under the skin of culture in beauty, with practical tips on how your brand can create content and messaging that will land. 

Eco Seekers

Conscious consumerism meets aspirational living

Eco Seekers value clean, natural and sustainable beauty as part of their vision of living an aspirational lifestyle. 

Open, curious, and self-expressive, they are driven by a need for harmony in their dealings with others and their impact on the planet.

Non-Binary Beauty

Male personal care moves mainstream

The Non-Binary Beauty tribe value self-care and self-expression through beauty, from natural looks through to full-faced dramatic makeovers inspired by subcultures such as goth, punk and rave culture.

Extravert and highly self-expressive, their strong values drive decision-making and define their relationships with brands.

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